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IPM Group offers a smooth and convenient investment experience for individuals who wish to buy gold coins in Singapore. All our gold bullion products are the highest investment grade bullion available for either self-collection from our new flagship store in Singapore, or secure segregated vaulting in A class-rated bonded vaulting. We also offer fully insured delivery worldwide so you can seamlessly buy and sell your precious metals online at your own discretion.

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Types of Gold Coins Available to Buy in Singapore 

We offer a wide range of the most popular gold bullion coins from around the world, such as the famous Maple Leaf from Canada or UK Britannia. The high qualities of our gold coins from world-renowned mints are guaranteed investment purity. All our coins are investment grade gold bullion available for secure segregated vaulting in Singapore, fully insured delivery worldwide or self-collection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying & Trading Gold Coins

What is the process for purchasing and selling gold bullion coins through the IPM platform?

IPM Group makes buying and selling gold bullion coins easy through our streamlined e-commerce platform. To buy gold coins, simply create an account, browse our selection of gold coin products online, and make your purchase as you would any other online shopping transaction. Find out more about our accessible 9-Step How To Buy Process. Selling gold coins is similarly facilitated through our all-in-one platform. Once you have made an account with us, get in touch with our customer service team for further assistance on product pricing and product buybacks.

What are the fees associated with buying and selling gold coins on the IPM platform?

IPM accepts various currencies and transaction methods on our e-commerce platform. The fees associated with buying and selling gold coins online with us are transparent and competitive, and depend on your payment mode. Find out more about our payment and cancellation policies before buying or selling gold coins online in Singapore or globally.

Can investors easily access information about the performance of their gold bullion coin investments

Yes. Investors can easily access information about the performance of their gold bullion coin investments through our e-commerce platform. IPM Group provides a user-friendly online dashboard that allows investors to track the performance of their gold coin investments in real-time. Our website also displays live price refreshes so you can buy and sell gold coins according to the latest data.

What are the qualifications of the experts who provide advice on investing in gold bullion coin products?

Our team of experts at IPM Group comprises seasoned professionals with deep insights into the global gold bullion coin market. Led by our Founder and Managing Director David J Mitchell, an industry leader with over 30 years of experience, our experts possess relevant qualifications and provide valuable investment advice across various asset classes.

What is the history and track record of IPM Group selling gold coin products?

As a global gold and silver dealer platform, IPM Group has a strong track record of high-quality, investment-grade gold coin products. Our team deals with precious metals on a daily basis, including buying, selling, transporting, storing and insuring them. We have been serving clients worldwide for years, and our reputation speaks for itself. Learn more about the History of IPM Group.

How does IPM Group ensure the security and safety of the gold bullion coin products?

At IPM Group, we prioritise the security and safety of our clients’ gold bullion coin products. We employ stringent security measures and store the gold coins in high-security vaults with 24/7 surveillance. Furthermore, all gold coin products are fully insured under our all-risk insurance policy with Lloyds of London, ensuring your investments are well protected at all times. Find out more about our Insured Shipping policies.

What expert support is given for customers trading gold bullion coins on the platform?

We strive to provide comprehensive support to clients buying, selling, and trading gold coins on our platform. Our experts are available to guide you through the trading process, provide market insights, and answer any queries you may have so that you can make an informed financial decision. However, please note that we do not provide professional investment advice and it is always recommended to consult with a professional financial advisor.

Are there risks associated with trading gold bullion coins on the platform?

As with any investment, buying or selling gold coins comes with its own set of risks. It's important to be aware of the potential risks and market fluctuations prior to making your transactions. IPM Group offers extensive support and advice to help our clients make informed decisions. We always recommend consulting a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

What is the purity of the gold bullion coins you sell?

At IPM Group, we only sell gold bullion that meets the highest standards of purity. Our gold coins have a minimum purity of 999%, as recognised by the international gold market.

How are your gold bullion coins sourced and refined?

Our gold bullion coins are sourced from globally recognised mints and refineries known for their quality and authenticity. They undergo strict quality control measures to ensure their purity and integrity, to give confidence and peace of mind in your investment journey.

Which mints do the gold bullion coins on this page come from?

The gold coins on our page come from a variety of globally recognised mints that IPM Group partners with. Each coin is sourced from reputable mints known for their craftsmanship and quality standards. For specific information about the mints associated with each gold bullion coin, please refer to the detailed product descriptions on our website.

Are there any quantity limits for purchasing gold bullion coins from this website?

IPM Group does not impose specific quantity limits for buying gold bullion coins on our website. However, please note that availability may vary depending on the specific coin and market conditions. We recommend checking the product availability and reaching out to our customer support team for any inquiries regarding larger quantity purchases.
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