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Bespoke Service - Just For You

IPM Group provides custom precious metal investment solutions. With a global network of partnerships with the world's leading mints and refineries, our expert team provides bespoke physical precious metal investment advice, portfolio solutions for individual, corporate and trust clients. 
Clients maintain full ownership and control with ultra-safe, wholly segregated storage options, worldwide insured delivery or self-collection from our Singapore Headquarters.
We assist our clients diversify their investment portfolio and deliver results.
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Showroom & Office: 23 Amoy Street, Singapore 069858 

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Buy Platinum Bars & Bullion Online In Singapore

Platinum is a highly sought-after industrial metal. Often referred to as “the rich man's version of gold”, it carries tremendous value and potential for growth. This precious metal is 30 times rarer than gold, making it an attractive and prestigious addition to your investment portfolio, whether you’re a first-time investor or seasoned buyer in Singapore. 

Our platinum bars and bullion are sourced from globally respected mints and refineries, ensuring the highest level of purity and authenticity. Every product is investment-grade with a minimum purity of 99.95% – a standard recognised by the international platinum market.

IPM Group is a distinguished leader in the physical precious metals industry. Our focus rests on delivering investment-grade precious metals, including platinum bars and bullion, directly to our clients. Our platinum bars and bullion are available for either self-collection from our new flagship store or securely stored in allocated, bonded vaults in Le Freeport with state-of-the-art security systems and round-the-clock surveillance. 

Alternatively, we can deliver your purchase directly to your doorstep anywhere in Singapore or the world using a fully insured delivery system.

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Types of Platinum Bars & Bullion You Can Buy in Singapore

As your trusted partner in the world of platinum bars and bullion, IPM Group offers a wide range of platinum investment-grade bars and sovereign coins from leading mints across the globe.
We offer minted bars across a broad spectrum of weights, from as light as 1 troy ounce up to substantial platinum ingots weighing 5 kilos. The highest grade and purity of 99.95% are also available upon request. We also provide sovereign platinum coins from reputable mints such as the UK Royal Mint and the Perth Mint. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Trading Platinum Bars & Bullion On The IPM Platform

What is the process for purchasing and selling platinum bullion through the platform?

Acquiring and selling platinum bullion on our platform is a simple and straightforward process. All you need to do is create an account, browse through our wide range of platinum products, and proceed with your purchase or sale online. We guarantee a smooth and secure transaction experience from beginning to end.

Check out our other products available for investment, including silver items like silver bars and silver coins as well as gold variants such as gold bars and gold coins.

What are the fees associated with buying and selling platinum bars and bullion on the platform?

The charges are determined by your chosen payment method. We recommend reviewing our payments and cancellation policies on our website before you purchase platinum bars or bullion.

Are your platinum products in Singapore certified by any regulatory bodies?

Absolutely, all of our platinum products bought online have the certification of global regulatory bodies, sourced from approved mints and refineries. Each bar has a unique serial number, stamp indicating purity, and is enclosed in tamper-resistant packaging. If a certificate is included, it is clearly mentioned in the product description.

Can investors in Singapore easily access information about the performance of their platinum investments?

Yes, indeed. We offer an intuitive online dashboard that enables investors in Singapore to monitor the performance of their platinum investments in real time.

How do you ensure the authenticity of your platinum bullion?

All our platinum bullion is procured from internationally acknowledged mints and refineries. They also come with authenticity certificates.

What are the qualifications of the experts who advise on investing in platinum bullion in Singapore?

Our team includes experienced professionals headed by our Founder, David J Mitchell, a market leader with over three decades of experience. Our specialists hold relevant qualifications and have a deep understanding of the global platinum market, including in Singapore. Their goal is to enhance product buying knowledge across various asset classes.

What is the history and track record of IPM Group selling platinum bullion products?

IPM Group boasts a robust track record of dealing with high-quality, investment-grade platinum bullion products. We have served over 5,000 clients in Singapore and globally for 10 years.

How does IPM Group ensure the security and safety of the platinum products in Singapore?

We adopt rigorous security protocols to safeguard our platinum bullion products. They are stored in top-notch vaults in Singapore with round-the-clock surveillance and are fully insured under our all-risk insurance policy with Lloyds of London.

What support is given to customers in Singapore trading platinum on the platform?

Our specialists are ready to guide you throughout the platinum trading process, offer Singapore market insights, and address any questions you might have. However, please note we do not provide professional investment advice.

Are there risks associated with trading platinum on the platform?

Like any investment, buying and trading platinum in Singapore does entail its own risks. Nevertheless, we offer comprehensive support and guidance to help our clients make informed choices. It is always advisable to consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

What is the purity of platinum bars and bullion you sell in Singapore?

We only deal with investment-grade platinum products with a minimum purity of 999%, as recognised by the international platinum market.

How are your platinum bullion in Singapore sourced and refined?

Our platinum products are obtained from globally renowned mints and refineries. They undergo stringent quality control measures to verify their purity and authenticity.
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